The Joy of Health

Maiya Tafari

The Power and Joy of Health! It is a holistic experience. In these changing times there is an increase of stress and challenges. A diet of healthy ingredients and supplements is just one step to health. In my observation, creating healthy rituals to start the day can be very healing!
Take the time in the morning to stimulate your senses and create a mood of your own to then go deal with the world. Try it out and see if it works as well for you as it does for me.
My personal favorite is coming out the shower in the morning and then reaching for my Butterfly Gold. Rubbing the rich butter into my skin stimulates my cells and makes me feel centered, strong and awake. I love the mood elevation. Next a quick spray down with the Headsprung . That is the icing on my cake. It makes me feel sweet, sexy and rejuvenated! I wonder what your ritual will be, check out our collection today!!!