Royal Cream Rinse

Herb N Life Productions

Royal Cream Rinse

Royal Cream Rinse is a unique shampoo plus conditioner experience. 

 It provides the same cleansing properties of our Herbal Shampoo yet leaves hair and scalp feeling even more conditioned and nourished.

This 100% Organic recipe uses the power of herbs, amino acids, oil esters, vegetable proteins, Veg Keratin and colloidal copper and silver to provide a one of a kind and Fantastic Formula.    See the difference in the health and look of hair immediately.   

The Cream Rinse can be used:

As a Shampoo and Conditioner in one (recommended for normal scalp)

As a Conditioning Shampoo (recommended for Dry Scalp)

As a Conditioner (recommended for Oily Scalp)